Main Event August 27th, 2023

Ester Community Park

Free to the public! 

Donations are welcome :)

Pre-Festival Events

Chaga workshop, Alaska Fungi lecture plus 4 mushroom walks!

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All events are free, please support your guide with a donation!

Thursday, August 24th @ 6pm - Chaga Inoculation Workshop with Callen Christensen: Plant Your Own Chaga at Home! 

Friday, August 25th @ 4:30pm - 6:30pm - Mushroom Walk in Fairbanks with Christin Swearingen and Amanita Expert Corbin T. Bryan

Friday, August 25 @ 7pm - Alaska Fungi Lecture with Dr. Gary Laursen @ Murie Auditorium, UAF

Saturday, August 26th @ 9am - 2pm - Citizen Science With Dr. Bitty Roy @ Elliot Hwy. Carpool meet at Fox General Store.

Saturday, August 26th @ 9am - 11am - Fairbanks Foray 

Sunday, August 27th @ 9am - 10am - Children's Mushroom Walk in Fairbanks with Pam Seiser

Fairbanks Fungi Festival


11am - 5pm Sunday Aug. 27

Ester Community Park, Alaska


11am - Chaga 101: Properties and Uses, with Callen Christensen of Chaga Co-op

12pm - Taking Individual Collecting to the Next Level With iNaturalist and Sequencing, with Shannon Adams

1pm - Evolutionary Development of the Amanita muscaria, with Corbin Bryan

2pm - Mushroom Identification with Noah Siegel 

3pm - Yoga Gong Session, with Devta Khalsa

4pm - Musical Performance by Kinky Slinky!

5pm - Musical Performance by Happy Trails!


Festival Booth with Information and T-shirts and Stickers!

Mushroom Crafts For Kids Table!

Mushroom Costume Contest!

Displays of Local Mushroom Specimens, Identified by Experts!

Mushroom Art Vendor Booths!

Food Trucks!


Door Prizes!

Information Booths: Interior Alaska Land Trust, Folk School, Northern Alaska Environmental Center

Fungi display tables under small pavilion: all the mushrooms found at the forays on 26th and morning of 27th will be sorted and identified by mycologists. Collections will be labeled and sorted by mushroom shape (gilled, boletes, polypores, toothed fungi, clubs & corals, puffballs, cup fungi, other.

The Fairbanks Fungi Festival is run with volunteer effort. Your donations allow us to bring experts to Fairbanks, purchase supplies for children activities, and pay for the venue rental.  You can support FFF by donating online,  @chagacoop

Fairbanks has its very own Fungi Festival!

Free, open to the public, non- smoking and family friendly.

Why we are so crazy about fungi that we have Fairbanks Fungi Festival?

Did you know there are more species of fungi than plants and animals combined? So far sciencist have documented only 120,000  speica out of a possible 2-4 million speices.

Fungi can help humanity and the environment in so many ways. We eat and drink fungi!  Fungi is in yeast breads, blue chesse, soy sauce, cider, beer and wine. Fungi are used in medicine (i.e. (mycophenolate, used to prevent tissue rejection, and rosuvastatin, which reduces cholestero), and new compounds are being discovered all the time. Fungi have the potential to clean up oil spills, purify watersheds, and metabolize radiation! Now that's eco-friendly! Fungi are also a  potent solution to food security issues. They are one of the cheapest, yet most nutritious forms of protein on the planet, can be cultivated ethically, and with very little impact on the environment. Fungi can turn local waste products into building materials and other materials, providing eco-friendly, insulative, and fire resistant products.

We are comprised of the local folks of Fairbanks that love everything fungi! We welcme fungi fans to join the festival team! 

Would you like to Volunteer? 

We need help with setting up, children crafts, sorting mushrooms, and helping experts tag fungi for the UAF collection.

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Chaga Inoculation Workshop: 

Plant Your Own Chaga at Home! 

Thursday Aug. 24th, at 6pm

Chaga is a type of fungus that grows on birch trees. Chaga has a dark woody-like appearance, but on the inside, it is soft and orange in color. It has traditionally been grated into a fine powder and then brewed into tea for its health value.  Callen Christensen, one of the founders of the Chaga Co-operative, wil be leading the workshop on Thursday, August 24th, at 6pm

Callen will demostrate how to inoculate trees to produce Chaga in your backyard! Link to RSVP online 

Friday Mushroom Walk 

Our local expert Christin Swearingen is teaming up with guest mycologist Corbin Bryan to lead a guided mushroom walk on Friday, August 25th, 4:30 - 6:30pm, right before Dr Laursen's presentation.  Space is limited, so please register early with this online form:

Alaska's Fungi 101 Friday, 7pm 

Dr Gary Laursen has taught mushroom workshops all over Alaska for decades and co-wrote the book Alaska’s Mushrooms. He has made a special trip back to Alaska  to share his knownledge with the Fairbanks Fungi Festival fans.  This lecture is free and ideal for anyone wanting to learn more about local mushrooms 

Mushroom Walk Saturday, 9-11

Guest mycologists and experts will lead a guided mushroom walk on Saturday August 26th, 9-11 am  in forested location within Fairbanks. Signup for this walk with this online form:

Citizen Science Walk  Saturday, 9am- 2pm

Dr Bitty Roy will introduce us to citizen science while we help her record mushrooms on study plot  off the Elliot Highway. Saturday August 26th, 9am -2pm Signup for this walk with this online form:

Mushroom Walk for Kids, Sunday, 9-10 am

Pam Seiser will lead this childrens based walk at UAF. Signup for this walk with this online form:

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evolutionary development of the Amanita muscaria